Marcus T Clyburn

Renowned Author

Marcus T Clyburn has always been enthusiastic about great writing, and are privileged to have turned their passion into a thriving career as a professional Author. He believes that his writing is a gift from God. Therefore he finds that spreading the gospel of Christ rewarding.

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Marcus, M.S., is a native of Wingate, North Carolina where he currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Wingate University in addition to a Graduate’s Certification in Contemporary Theory in Mental Health Services from Capella University. Marcus also has a Master’s degree from Capella University and has professionally served as a Clinical Healthcare Social Worker, School Educator, School Counselor, and Youth Leader. Marcus dedicates a lot of time reaching out to his community so that he can positively influence teens especially young men. Marcus is an award-winning mentor and has a grand heart for mentoring and counseling all youth especially at-risk teens. Marcus offers depth of thought and proven strategies accompanied by a contagious positive energy.  Beyond his professional career, Marcus remains to be a devoted husband and father to his wife Briona and his three sons Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Josiah. Marcus has also authored three books entitled "Worship Is Not A Song" “Can’t Spell Good Without God" and “Academic Probation.” Marcus is the founder of the Marcus T Clyburn Foundation which implements counseling and mentorship to at risk students encouraging them to find their true identity. Marcus has grown to have an abounding heart for people and serving others. Success to him is a matter of allowing God to use Him to reach young men who struggle with their identity.